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A New Understanding of Perspective for All Visual Art Forms Including:
Drawing, Painting, Photography, Motion Picture and Video Game Design

About the book

A New Perspective

By building the subject up from scratch through twenty years of intense research, A New Perspective contains breakthroughs which redefine what perspective is and how it really works.

The majority of this book consists of new material not available in Perspective before with answers only hinted at over the centuries.

The most complete Perspective book ever written, included are a great many unique topics not conventionally covered such as motion, color, thinking in three dimensions, setting up shots, audio, best portraying people, camera lenses, distortion and much more.

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This is basically where all other books on Perspective START.

– Page 121 –

Oddly, despite reading that "The horizon line is always at eye level" many times, absent has been any explanation as to exactly why this occurs.

– Page 107 –

Size, distance and direction are the only three things that can affect how large or small a form appears.

– Page 8 –

Even if you're not an artist, the scientific advances contained here can still be used by anyone with an interest in imagery and form.

– Introduction –

In reality, a form cannot be seen as it actually is.

– Page 31 –

The topic of motion had not been included in perspective books before because a drawing or painting contains no movement.

– Page 31 –

Surprisingly, despite all the lengthy and complex definitions I have seen for the "vanishing point," I have never come across one that stated this simple fact...

– Page 105 –

uncovers the facts

Perspective’s Many Flaws

Perspective is widely considered the most difficult subject in Art. This is actually because it is loaded with false information while most of its basics have been missing.

A New Perspective takes a frank and honest look at perspective, correcting and updating many dozens of fundamental falsehoods, omissions and misconceptions perpetuated for centuries.

Along with perspective, this book also expands upon and even challenges many established principals taught in photography, filmmaking, psychology, color theory, physics, optics, audio theory, motion theory and art.

For the first time, one fully realizes how flawed many of our techniques have been and how limited our understanding of perspective was.

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Beyond drawing techniques

Perspective Is About More Than Just Depth

The most complete perspective book ever written, A New Perspective includes all conventional knowledge, but goes beyond basic “depth perspective” and covers many unique topics not covered elsewhere such as:

  • Motion and perspective
  • Understanding form and the three ingredients that make up form
  • Establishing an “eye” in your art through which your audience sees
  • Thinking in three dimensions
  • Why “the camera adds ten pounds” to a person’s weight
  • How to affect the three-dimensional appearance of any subject
  • How to establish the best perspective in two easy steps
  • Why we can use miniatures in film
  • Using perspective to best portray people
  • How to give anything more dimension (even food or a character)
  • The role of past experience in depth perception
  • Clarifies unnecessary complexities and confusions in photography
  • How to suggest a subject’s actual size (size perception)
  • Creating unlimited ways of enhancing depth
  • The use of color in depth perspective
  • Understanding the two main types of distortion
  • How to use distortion to enhance your artwork and depth
  • The basis of curvilinear (having curved lines) perspective
  • Why comedy is often shot incorrectly
  • The best ways of positioning your artwork to an audience
  • How stereoscopic vision (seeing with two eyes) amplifies depth
  • Clarifies misleading shot types (close-ups, wide shots, etc.)
  • The truth behind “left-right brain theory” and creative thinking
  • The true effects of lenses on perspective
  • Using audio to enhance perspective


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